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What is Cialis?
Cialis is an effective yellow medicine, a modern and effective medicine that can restore and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.
Initially, these drugs were expensive, so not everyone could afford to buy them.
Over time, Cialis prices fell several times. Everyone who has intimate difficulties with taking Cialis can now afford it. buy cialis
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Cialis is a direct analogue of the well-known Viagra, where the similarity in purpose and composition of the product is almost the same.
However, there is still a significant difference between these drugs.
Cialis is the most popular way to increase the power of millions of people around the world.
Thanks to Cialis, men no longer need to plan communication time until the next minute.
American manufacturers claim that the product significantly accelerates the expected effect and has a longer effect.
Another advantage is that the drug causes far fewer side effects than others.
In this regard, Cialis is a popular source of sales and a good indicator for patients.
Few people know that Cialis in Australia is the official market leader in pharmaceutical products for increased strength.
About 1.5 million packages of Cialis were sold in Australia;
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How to take Cialis
It is recommended to take Cialis tablets 20 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse, the effect of the drug occurs in a few minutes. buy cialis
It is recommended to use one tablet per day, it is forbidden to exceed this dose.
The principle of taking Cialis tablets is that they are not washed off with water, but are in the mouth until completely dissolved.
The effectiveness of tadalafil in a dose of 5 mg, 62% and 69% of sexual intercourse was successful.
Direct meeting:
The main advantage of the drug is that the drug is absorbed into the body immediately after ingestion.
The rate and extent of absorption are independent of food intake. Duration Ciali is 36 hours!
You can have sex at any time for two days.
A positive effect does not occur if there is no sexual arousal.
This means that you have no problem until six.
Cialis is the commercial name of a product whose chemical composition contains the active substance tadalafil, the main name of which is tadalafil.
If you decide to buy a generic Cialis and see Tadalafil, you have the correct address.
The amount of drug used should not exceed an overdose to avoid side effects.
In men who regularly have sex (about 3 times or more per week) and receive a dose of about 20 mg.
If activity is less than twice a week, 40 mg is recommended for alleged sexual intimacy.
The effect of Cialis on the body:
Tadalafil has a relaxing effect on the walls of the arteries of the penis and improves blood circulation in the genitals.
After this, the main problem with erection disappears, stimulation of sexual arousal has a positive effect on sexual activity. buy cialis
The most suitable dose of Cialis generic is 20 mg, the exposure time for the body is about 36 hours and 1.5 days after taking the pill, the result is 30-40 minutes.
Side effects:
It is not recommended to exceed the approved dose, as this is often the main factor:
Low back pain, clogged nose, headache, hyperemia of the face and neck. Cialis is popular with older men because it is easier and more effective for them.
Children and adolescents under the age of 18 are not allowed to import this substance.
Taking alcoholic beverages during treatment is not recommended to use the drug with ethanol.
Alcohol and fatty foods do not interact with each other, so they can be combined.
These drugs should create the conditions for the development of this process, but without sexual stimulation nothing will happen.
After the first dose of the drug, it helps the man feel more secure.
You can also feel that the effect seems weak on first use, and the second attempt gives powerful strength and energy that affect the duration of intimacy. buy cialis
Cialis is the current drug with the active substance tadalafil for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.